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Our robot Titan was a hit with motor show fans... but organisers still haven't paid us for appearing

By Nevin Farrell

Owners of a robot called Titan - which has performed with pop stars Rihanna and and at F1 Grand Prix - claim the organisers of this summer's Belfast Motor Show have yet to pay for their appearance at the event.

The show was launched in a blaze of publicity earlier this year and heralded as an event to rival previous expos which in their heyday saw petrolheads flock to Belfast in their thousands.

At this year's event in July, many fans were left disappointed.

The show's organisers were lambasted by scores of angry customers demanding refunds after the two-day event was branded "a shambles", a "joke" and a "waste of money".

Thousands of visitors flocked to the King's Hall Pavilion after being promised "an action-packed weekend with all aspects of motoring under one roof".

Many visitors took to the internet to vent their anger, branding the £10 entrance fee a waste and the show as "underwhelming". Strenuous efforts to contact the show's organisers for comment about the Titan allegations yesterday produced no reply.

Ironically, Titan was one of the most popular attractions at the show and drew a favourable response from fans.

Cornwall-based Cyberstein Robots Ltd marketing manager Mark Foggett contacted the Belfast Telegraph yesterday to say the firm has been unable to get in touch with the show's promoters and are threatening legal action to get their cash. Mr Foggett said: "The show sounded like a big motor show and because of that we did not ask for payment in advance as we would have done with a smaller event.

"I did not travel to Belfast myself but we sent a team over. We do a lot of work in Belfast and have been to the Balmoral Show before and W5.

"Titan the robot has performed at many events around the world including Berlin and Hollywood where he has been on stage with stars like Rihanna. We just want to get paid for his performance in Belfast although it will not put us off coming back to Northern Ireland for other events.

"It is particularly annoying as we have not only lost our fee for performing at the event but we are based down in Cornwall and we paid out of our own money for fuel, the ferry, hotels en route, our crew's wages and travel days, and it basically cost us £2,000 just to attend this event.

"They also booked us for one of our busiest weekends of the summer where we could have had Titan booked out 10 times over at other events."

The Belfast Telegraph made efforts to get in touch with the Motor Show organisers yesterday but the phone number we were given prior to the event was not ringing and another mobile number was going to answerphone.

Several messages were left but none returned.

One business the Belfast Telegraph is aware of which worked with the Belfast Motor Show this year – Motorcycle Action Group – said they were paid for their work.

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