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Our strongman Glenn goes to work on 12 eggs

What do you need to eat to be a strongman? Glenn Ross' diet is 7,000 calories a day, some strongmen eat up to a gut-busting 10,000 calories a day!

Breakfast: 12 hard boiled eggs (12 whites and 2 yolks) 200g porridge with honey 2 pieces of fruit 1 litre of water

Mid-morning – 10am: Daddy shake consisting of a double portion of protein powder, ¼ block of ice cream, 2 bananas, 1 litre of water.

Lunch: 8oz*chicken or fish Pasta salad with oils Fruit and vegetables Litre of milk

Mid-afternoon – 3pm: Daddy shake with 1 litre of water

Late afternoon – 5pm: Pre work-out Aminos shake with 1 litre of water

6pm: Train

7pm: Post work-out shake with 1 litre of water

7.30pm: Evening meal of steak (red meat every day) potatoes, veg or rice and a litre of orange juice

10pm: 2 bananas


Although it is mass food, in content it is high in vitamin C for the heart and the 7 litres of water a day to keep hydrated. All food is cooked fresh, nothing is processed and where possible organic foods are used for mineral content.

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