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Out of Africa: Betty is Belfast Zoo's newest cute addition

By Adrian Rutherford

This is Betty Bantu - a blesbok calf which is the latest arrival at Belfast Zoo.

She was born in May, and the first photographs were released yesterday.

The blesbok is a species of antelope indigenous to the open grasslands of South Africa.

They get their name from the word 'bles', which in Afrikaans means 'blaze', referring to the white striped marking on the face.

Zoo manager Alyn Cairns said blesbok had faced the threat of extinction but numbers have recovered and the species has now been removed from the endangered list.

"We first became home to blesbok in 2009," he explained. "In fact, we were the first zoo in Ireland to breed this species. This success has continued as Betty Bantu is the 11th calf to be born at the zoo."

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