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Out of control... the convicted killer and serial offender sent back to jail

By Colin O'Carroll

A man convicted of the manslaughter of popular Londonderry musician Jim Gilchrist who has been sent back to jail for a second time since serving his sentence for the killing appears to be “out of control”, according to a DUP MP.

Daryl Quigley (26) was handed a four-month jail term on Wednesday for assaulting police, disorderly behaviour and indecent behaviour in Limavady last December.

He had just been released from another jail sentence for breaching his probation order, including threatening violence to staff members at the hostel where he was staying.

He was also convicted of shoplifting.

Quigley’s latest conviction involved luring a police officer into a cell where he was being held by pretending he was going to self-harm by hanging himself with his trousers.

He then attacked the officer who was coming to help him.

District Judge Paul Copeland said that Quigley had a very bad record and said they were serious offences which showed his propensity for violence. He said it was “drunken, violent aggression against police officers”.

Judge Copeland said it was a “deliberate assault on police” and showed a “certain swagger and confrontational attitude”.

Quigley, from Gorteen Crescent in Limavady, had been arrested for urinating and exposing himself in the street and then threatening to stab officers.

He had only been released from his latest jail term a matter of weeks.

Mr Gilchrist (62) was attacked by three men as he cycled home from a motorcycle club meeting in September 2005. He was beaten and dumped into the River Foyle while still alive.

Quigley and another man were convicted of his manslaughter and given 10-year terms. A third man was given a life sentence for murder.

Because Quigley was sentenced before the ending of the 50% remission policy, he qualified for early release.

Convicted in 2008, he served less than four years and was released in November 2011 to the disgust of the Gilchrist family who said it was an “insult”.

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell said he felt the justice system was being too lenient on Quigley and he was “out of control”. He said: “It sounds to me like this individual is a serial offender and appears to be capable of a range of crimes from relatively minor offences to the worst breaches of the law.

“Short sentences will do nothing to deter this individual.

“When there are circumstances like that the only deterrent is a lengthy sentence and very close monitoring as it appears he will re-offend at the first opportunity.”

Mr Campbell said the public must be protected. “It does look like he is out of control given the nature and frequency of his criminal offences.”

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