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Outcry over X-Box, PlayStation Mafia III game IRA mission level

Warning video contains strong language.

Calls have been made for the developers of a new computer game - which features a level where the main character helps the IRA - to come to Northern Ireland and meet victims of the terrorist organisation.

The Irish News reports on new X Box and PlayStation title Mafia III.

Set in 1960s New Orleans, the best-selling title, which is for over-18s, allows gamers to build a criminal empire in New Orleans.

It features the level ‘The IRA Don’t Ask’ which requires players to steal cars for members of the terrorist group.

Their parts are intended to be used in bombs in order to "keep the Belfast law guessing".

On completion of the level, over a beer, the lead character is told “the brothers back in Belfast really appreciate your help”.

Also appearing in the game is a Northern Ireland flag with the word "traitors" daubed over it.

Released last week it is already one of the most popular games available, second only to football title FIFA 17 in the UK charts.

DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson told the Irish News he was concerned the impact the game could have on "impressionable minds" and would appear to "trivialise" terrorism.

"The IRA were a terrorist organisation that murdered very many innocent men, women and children in Northern Ireland and other parts of the UK," he said.

"I invite the makers of this game to come to Northern Ireland and meet some of the innocent victims of the IRA and then consider whether the contents are appropriate. I hope they can be persuaded to withdraw the game and think again.”

The game's publisher 2K has been contacted for a response. They are yet to respond.

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