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Owls well that ends well for lost bird

By Staff Reporter

An owl and her owners have returned to the Giant's Causeway to thank National Trust staff and local people who helped reunite them.

Patricia O'Callaghan and Terry Turkington were holidaying on the north coast two weeks ago when their beloved barn owl Arya escaped.

Arya is a specialist pest control bird of prey at Falconry Services Belfast. Terry was showing Arya off when a crow came down and knocked her on the back. Disoriented, the frightened owl flew off.

"I was devastated," said Patricia, who looked for Arya for six days until local woman Kathleen Millar phoned with news of a sighting near the Giant's Causeway.

"She's a little thin and shocked - she has always been a captive owl - but apart from that, she's fine. I'm just so relieved to have her back," said Patricia.

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