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Owner of pet poodle mauled to death in Lurgan says child could be next


Benji the poodle was attacked by other dogs in the Kilwilkie estate

Benji the poodle was attacked by other dogs in the Kilwilkie estate

Benji the poodle was attacked by other dogs in the Kilwilkie estate

The owner of a pet poodle mauled to death by dogs in a Lurgan housing estate at the weekend has warned that a child could be next.

Little Benji was savagely attacked in Kilwilkie on Saturday night.

Sharon Henderson - whose mother was Benji's owner - shared news of the attack on a Craigavon pet lovers' Facebook page.

"This is the second dog this week. Please, please, please, people, look after your pets," she posted.

"A little piece of our family gone. We're heartbroken.

"Wee Benji was only ever outside for his evening walk ... same time every night for years. Not sure of the breed of dogs that did this to him - but needless to say the owners need to take a good look at themselves.

"Some poor child could be next."

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Angry animal lovers were outraged at Benji's horrific death, commenting on the Lost/Missing Pets Craigavon Facebook page.

Teresa Breen wrote: "This is terrible, hope the sick b******s who are responsible for this are caught - and really get the punishment they deserve."

Joan Smyth wrote: "Not again, this is awful.

"Another family broken hearted. I have no words for these monsters.

"People in Kilwilkie need to report these scum. People can't go on losing their pets like this."

Sheila Foye added: "I'm heartbroken to hear of your beautiful dog mauled to death, my heart goes out to you and your family at this terrible time.

"Kilwilkie people must know who owns these dogs and their owners. Do the right thing and inform the PSNI - or it could be a child next.

"My blood is boiling over, lowlifes letting their dogs loose on innocent pets."

A PSNI spokeswoman said: "Police received a report this morning from a resident in Kilwilkie that a pet dog had been attacked by two other dogs in the estate yesterday.

"The animal was subsequently put down by a vet due to its injuries."

It's understood that dog-on-dog attacks fall within the remit of council dog wardens.

Local Sinn Fein councillor Liam Mackle said he was shocked to hear of the attack which took little Benji's life.

"This is very out of the ordinary for the area," he told the Belfast Telegraph last night.

"Pet owners need to take proper responsibility for looking after their dogs, and not permit them to run wild."

It's just a few days since another pet dog, Woody, was set upon by two lurchers in the same estate where Benji was mauled.

Defenceless terrier-cross Woody was very badly injured, and was extremely lucky to survive.

In the wake of what happened to Benji and Woody, some local people said they were now afraid to walk their dogs in case they too fell victim to dogs which have turned vicious due to irresponsible owners.

Commenting on Benji's ordeal, local woman Elisha McGrath wrote: "This needs sorted now.

"We have a small house dog who is walked in the estate - we're now afraid to bring him out."

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