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Owners could be jailed if caravans are not removed

Caravans parked at a site on the shores of Lough Neagh are to be moved off by noon today, the High Court has ordered.

A judge granted an application by Mid Ulster District Council amid claims the unauthorised encampment at Ballyronan Marina car park was stopping public access to the area.

Any failure to comply could result in occupants being held in contempt and facing the threat of imprisonment. It is understood up to six caravans were parked at the Magherafelt site.

Council representatives served them with notices as part of the court action.

At a hearing before Mr Justice Horner it was suggested that caravan tenants should be told to move out by noon today.

The judge consented to the application, but stressed that a penal notice should be included.

It means that any disobedience could result in possible imprisonment.

"Make sure you have the warning," he told a barrister for the council.

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