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Owner's horror as dog thrown in Tyrone canal chained to concrete block

Snowy is back home after his horrible ordeal
Snowy is back home after his horrible ordeal
Snowy is back home after his horrible ordeal
Jonathan Bell

By Jonathan Bell

A woman has spoken of her family's devastation after their dog was snatched from the garden and thrown into a canal with a concrete block chained to its neck, describing it as an "obscene act of animal cruelty".

She said it was an "attack on the whole family" but that the pet, a Samoyed breed dog, was now home safe and sound. On Friday Snowy was taken from Sinead Duffy's Coalisland home while he was in the back garden.

He was found in a nearby canal chained to a concrete block.

"This is an attack on our dog and an attack on our family," said Ms Duffy in a Facebook post.

"We are deeply devastated that this has happened to him."

After posting about the incident, she received thousands of replies on Facebook. "How cruel, he is so lucky," was one response.

"Hopefully those responsible are caught and can never do this again."

Another added: "What an horrendous act to commit.

"Who could do something like this?"

She praised those council officials who helped the animal out of the water and looked after him until he could be reunited with his owner.

"We are blessed," she continued.

"We as a family are asking anyone that has any information please please come forward as this is the most obscene act of cruelty to an innocent pet."

Police described the incident as a "disgusting attack on a defenceless dog".

They appealed for anyone with information to contact 028 8773 8861.

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