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Owners in final bid to save death row dog Lennox

Lennox was seized by Belfast City Council dog wardens in May 2010 and has been impounded in kennels since
Lennox was seized by Belfast City Council dog wardens in May 2010 and has been impounded in kennels since

By Amanda Poole

The owners of north Belfast death row dog Lennox are set to lodge a last-ditch appeal to save his life.

On September 30, Judge Henry Rodgers dismissed owner Caroline Barnes’ appeal to spare the six-year-old dog, who has been branded too dangerous to live.

The family were given 21 days to study the Belfast County Court judgement and consider if there was a point of law on which they could make a final appeal.

The 21 days before the dog faced death would have been up tomorrow but last night a council source indicated there will be a further stay of execution.

It’s understood the family have found a point of law that they now want to be considered by the court.

A spokeswoman for the Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland told the Belfast Telegraph it has been indicated to the court that an appeal will be lodged by tomorrow.

The September 30 decision not to spare Lennox resulted in widespread anger among dog lovers across the globe.

A campaign to save his life had spread around the world, with supporters on every continent.

Within minutes of the appeal case ending, thousands of Lennox fans from the UK, Ireland, America, Australia, Canada and elsewhere were online voicing their horror and outrage at the court’s decision.

Ms Barnes, a former veterinary nurse, has worked tirelessly to spread the message of Lennox’s plight and has generated worldwide interest through her Save Lennox website.

She insists that Lennox is an American bulldog cross and not a banned pitbull-type dog.

There are now 116,646 signatures on the petition to save the dog, who has been separated from Ms Barnes and her 12-year-old disabled daughter Brooke for more than 520 days.

An internet and email campaign to have the dog freed and returned home has been running since the case hit the headlines.

Story so far

Lennox was picked up by Belfast City Council dog wardens in May 2010.

Officers had called at owner Caroline Barnes’ home to check the dog’s licence when it was said to be acting aggressively. Belfast Council seized the dog and he has remained in their custody since.

Under the Dangerous Dogs (NI) Order 1991, pitbull-type dogs are a banned breed.

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