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Owner's plea after dog savaged by two others

By Victoria Leonard

A Northern Ireland woman whose dog suffered spine damage during a horrific attack by two other animals is appealing for owners to keep their dogs on leads in public places.

Children's author and journalist Claire Savage was walking her cocker spaniel Reuben, a rescue dog, at White Park Bay, Co Antrim, when he was set upon by two dogs who were off their leads.

"It was July 19, I saw a man standing with a Dalmatian on a lead," she told the Belfast Telegraph. "There was another Dalmatian off the lead, and a Staffie-type dog came bounding up through the foliage out of nowhere, grabbed Reuben by the neck and wrestled him to the ground. The Dalmatian was still there snapping. When I took him to Millburn Vets they found two bite marks, on his neck and hind leg."

On August 18 Reuben was rushed to Cedar Grove veterinary clinic in Belfast after his back legs gave way, and underwent surgery as an MRI scan revealed his spine was severely compressed. Now home, Reuben is undergoing intensive physiotherapy and may spend up to six months in recovery before being able to go for another walk.

"The thought of going for a walk again really frightens me," Claire added.

"The owner of those two dogs couldn't be found.

"I would appeal to other dog owners to keep their dogs on a lead if they're not sure how they will behave around other animals in public places."

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