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Ozzie rules: Armagh's mystery cat has now found fame in his native Australia

By David Young

Ozzie the intercontinental mystery moggie has become a media sensation back in his home city of Sydney, Australia.

The globe-trotting cat was rescued by Armagh Cats Protection earlier this week - but when the stray's microchip was analysed, he turned out to be 12,000 miles from home.

The cat, originally named Tigger when he was first microchipped in Sydney in 2000, turned up in a back garden in Co Armagh.

Cats Protection volunteer Joy McCaw said: "The cat had originally been microchipped in Australia. Then in 2004 he turned up as a stray in a London vet's clinic but no details were logged."

She described Ozzie as an affectionate animal - and larger than the average tomcat.

Cats Protection shared a photo on their Facebook page to help solve the mystery - and the post has now been shared over 15,000 times, attracting almost 4,000 comments from people around the world, with many describing the cat as "well-travelled".

The organisation says it is likely that Ozzie was taken to London by his owner, before he somehow then crossed the Irish Sea to Northern Ireland in the years that followed.

Now Australian media have picked up the story - and Ozzie is making headlines Down Under after Australian resident Pamela McInnarney alerted local media to the case, hoping to track down Ozzie's potential owner in Sydney.

And the truth about Ozzie's jet-setting journey may soon be revealed.

An Australasian Animal Registry spokesman told reporters yesterday that his organisation left a phone message on the voicemail of the owner of the cat - thought to be 25 years old - listed on their database.

"We have made several calls since we were alerted to the cat… and we've left a message for that registered contact," he said.

"However, we haven't received a phone call back and hadn't been able to speak to anyone personally.

"We're hopeful they will check their messages shortly and get back to us."

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