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'P word' conference: Belfast Christian gathering to target pornography

By Staff Reporter

A Bible college in Northern Ireland will host a conference that will see participants pray for those addicted to pornography.

The organisers of The P Word Conference - a partnership between Christian campaigners in CARE and the Naked Truth Project - believe porn damages relationships, harms the brain and negatively affects society as a whole.

CARE's churches development officer for Northern Ireland, Tim Houston, said Christians need to confront the problem of pornography addiction.

"Pornography has never been more accessible, affordable, anonymous or addictive," he said. "Pornography use is widespread in our communities, including in our churches, and we need to address it due to the damaging impact it can have on those who watch it and those who are in the industry.

"Christians have a long reputation of standing up against harmful norms that have become commonplace in society today.

"This is another issue that we will not only speak out on, but partner with church leaders to equip them to talk about why we should tackle pornography addiction and pastor people through it.

"P Word resources the church to understand the social costs of pornography and gives leaders the tools needed to address the issue back in their churches and communities, leading to long term, positive change."

Prominent church leaders and leading experts will be gathering together on Friday to discuss, pray and tackle the issue of pornography that's impairing their congregations and communities.

The P Word Conference will be taking place at Belfast Bible College in Dunmurry on Friday, from 10am to 4pm.

Organisers said delegates will receive an understanding of the social costs of pornography but also be given practical tools to help them feel equipped to address porn in their churches and communities.

There will also be a prayer space, set up by 24-7 Prayer, for those who want to intercede and pray for this issue during the event.

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