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Paddy Barnes calls for new Northern Ireland flag: We are asking you to send us your submissions

Boxer called for a new flag and anthem for Northern Ireland

Olympic bronze medalist and double Commonwealth boxing champion Paddy Barnes has called for a new flag for Northern Ireland. Following the Belfast sportsman's request we're asking you to send the Belfast Telegraph your own attempts at a new, neutral flag for Northern Ireland.

Speaking after criticism over the use of the anthem of Danny Boy for Northern Ireland athletes at the Commonwealth Games, Barnes said:

"I think it’s time we had a proper flag and a proper national anthem."

Last time around it was US diplomat Richard Haass' who issued the challenge to those on the Hill - this time it's one of Northern Ireland's top boxing talents.

Aside from the flag submissions so far, one reader, Anita Belshaw emailed us to say:

"Yes, time for change as the country moves forward, a flag representing both sides of the community would be ideal. If only people truly understood the story of the 'red hand' as shown on current flag and the story of Dalriada.

"As far as changing the anthem, well Danny Boy is actually the O'Cathain's lament, composed whenever Donal O' Cathain was imprisoned in the Tower of London a long long time ago!

"By the way I'm a distant relative with a maiden name of the anglicised version of Kane.

"Look, as long as everybody is happy...that's the main thing!"

To get involved, send us an email here entitled 'New Northern Ireland Flag' - accompanied by an attached image and include your name if you wish.

Submissions will be published online. Email


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