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Pair held hostage by gang in Lurgan sex attack

A woman has been sexually assaulted and a man left in critical condition after they were held hostage at a flat in Co Armagh.

The incident happened after a group of men burst into a flat at Dingwell Park in the predominantly nationalist Taghnevan estate in Lurgan.

Attacks on the 26-year-old woman and the man, aged 23, are alleged to have happened over a "protracted period" from the early hours of Wednesday through to that evening.

Taghnevan community worker Pat McMenamin said the assaults may have involved a fall out between "members of a foreign national community".

SDLP councillor Joseph Nelson said: "Based on the scant information we have, the young lady had to put up with a terrible ordeal and the young man appears to have been badly injured.

"I would utterly condemn this and hope that the police find those who were involved."

Sinn Fein councillor Johnny McGibbon, who visited the scene, added: "People are shocked and disgusted and they want the attackers caught."

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