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Pair jailed for sectarian murder bid on rising GAA teen

Two men who tried to murder a defenceless teenager during an unprovoked sectarian attack in Antrim have been handed down sentences totalling 28 years.

Judge Alastair Devlin told 23-year-old Nathan Wilson, of Birch Hill Meadows, and 24-year-old Colin Kingsbury from Carntall Gardens, they had subjected their then 17-year-old victim Jordan Duffy to an utterly appalling, vicious and brutal attack in Antrim in 2011.

The Antrim Crown Court judge, sitting in Newry said it had been with a chilling indifference to any injuries he might suffer that they committed the completely unprovoked attack on a minor, a young man three to five years their junior and a victim who could not have been more vulnerable than  while lying defenceless in front of them.

Jordan Duffy was repeatedly kicked and stomped on during the brutal attack on the Station Road in the early hours of August 5, 2011.

The pair, who admitted attacking the former rising St Comgall's GAA player, were convicted last month of attempting to murder the teenager.

Judge Devlin said but for the timely intervention and professionalism of the police, ambulance and other medical staff young Jordan may have died from his life threatening injuries.

However, Judge Devlin accused Wilson of being the main instigator for the attack, and that in his case the court could make a distinction when sentencing him and Kingsbury.

It had been Wilson who'd uttered grossly sectarian abuse and who had told his party he was not going "to allow him to get away with it".

Judge Devlin told Wilson he would serve half of his 15-year sentence in prison while the remaining seven and a half years he would be under supervised licenced parole to protect the public and prevent any re-offending.

Turning to Kingsbury, Judge Devlin said while he may not have been motivated by sectarianism, his primary motivation was to go and assist Wilson and joined in kicking young Jordan, as he lay on the ground.

However, in addition to this, said the Judge, Kingsbury had also stomped on the defenceless teenager, a particularly grotesque and disturbing form of attack.

Judge Devlin ordered that Kingsbury serve six years and nine months imprisonment of his 13 and a half-years term, while the remainder be served on licenced parole.

Welcoming the sentences handed down by Mr Justice Devlin, investigating officer Detective Constable Natalie Moore said:

"The prison terms given to each of the defendants reflects the serious and callous nature of the crime.

"Jordan was subjected to an unprovoked sectarian attack that left him with life threatening injuries. It is a testament to his bravery and strength of character that he fought back from those injuries and is now just finishing his first year at university, making a positive contribution to his community and wider society.

"I know Jordan’s parents Roisin and Peter are extremely proud of the way he has dealt with this horrific ordeal and they are grateful for all of the support they have received throughout the past 22 months."

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