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Paisley: the questions he didn't answer


Ian Paisley

Ian Paisley


Ian Paisley

What is your reaction to the latest claims made in Tuesday night's BBCNI Spotlight broadcast?

Do you think the BBC has obtained sufficient evidence to warrant a probe by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards?

Do you believe that you have broken any Westminster Parliamentary rules?

Why did you not respond to the BBC's claims in advance of Spotlight airing?

Some of your constituents in Ballymena told us this week that they have been left feeling let down by this latest controversy. What do you have to say to them today?

Do you feel that you owe your constituents another apology?

Senior DUP sources have expressed exasperation over the new claims against you about luxury foreign holidays. Do you believe that you still have the full support of your party?

Have you spoken to your party leader Arlene Foster since the new allegations emerged? Has your mother Eileen said anything to you in the wake of the latest claims?

Do you feel that you have done any damage to the Paisley legacy and name?

Is your position now untenable?

What do you say to those who say you have a brass neck?

Have you considered resigning over the latest allegations against you?

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