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Parades Commission grant GARC protests over Ardoyne Orange Order march but restrict them over 'potential public disorder'

Restrictions placed on grounds of 'potential public disorder'

By Claire Williamson

Restrictions have been placed on GARC protests planned ahead of this Saturday's Ardoyne Orange Order march on the grounds of 'potential public disorder'.

A ground-breaking deal was agreed last week after talks between the Crumlin Ardoyne Residents’ Association (CARA) and the three lodges concerned.

It was agreed that there would be a parade this Saturday and the lodges would not apply for future return parades until local agreement could be established.

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Hard-line residents group in the Ardoyne - the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (Garc) - has opposed the agreement and claimed there was insufficient consultation with nationalists in the area.

Garc intends to hold a rally on Friday night at 7pm to voice its opposition and also stage a protest as the parade passes on Saturday.

The Parades Commission have given the go-ahead for the protests but have placed restrictions on them.

Restrictions have been put in place for the protest parade on Friday September 30 preventing it from dispersing on the Crumlin Road.

The ruling contains the protest to the Ardoyne area.

It states that the parade must not proceed past the junction of Estoril Park with Balholm Drive.

The Garc protest parade had originally wanted to disperse at the Ardoyne Library on the Crumlin Road and has been banned from doing so.

No singing, chanting or loud drumming will be permitted.

Further restrictions have been placed on the protest planned for Saturday morning, October 1.

It will take place on the footpath between 11 Ardoyne Road and no further than city-ward on the country side of the bus shelter adjacent to 521 Crumlin Road.

The Parades Commission have said it should have no more than 60 people.

A spokesman for the Parades Commission said the protest parade has been "necessarily, proportionately, and fairly restricted on the grounds of potential public disorder and potential adverse impacts on community life and community relations".

The spokesman said: "The Commission has issued determinations on the notified GARC protest events on Friday evening and Saturday morning. These protests are against the Crumlin Road parading agreement and the Ligoniel Combine parade on 1 October 2016.

"The proposed Friday evening protest parade has been necessarily, proportionately, and fairly restricted on the grounds of potential public disorder and potential adverse impacts on community life and community relations.  The protest parade may not proceed beyond the junction of Estoril Park with Balholm Drive.  

“In line with the Commission’s decisions over many years, the determination on the proposed protest for Saturday morning is restricted to 60 participants at a specified location, which enables GARC to fulfil its legitimate right to protest within sight and sound of the Ligoniel Combine parade.”

GARC has slammed the ruling posting a statement on social media calling it a "perverse situation".

It said: "GARC will mobilise and march as planned at 7pm on Friday evening at the bottom of Estoril Park and will demonstrate our opposition to sectarian marches through this community.

"We call on all residents, and those who wish to show solidarity with us from other areas, to come out and reject this SF/UVF deal."

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