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Parents go to court over the son who ‘threatened to kill them’

A mother and father were prepared to get a non-molestation order against their own son unless he ceased his alleged threats against them, the High Court has heard.

Mark Donnelly (30) sent text messages as part of the menaces he is accused of, prosecutors said.

It was claimed that after his arrest last month he stated: “If they want to be awkward with me, I will be awkward with them.”

A Crown lawyer said he allegedly inquired about how long it would take the fire brigade to get to their home.

Donnelly, of Doon Road, Belfast, was seeking bail on charges of harassment, two counts of threats to kill and threatening to damage property.

The prosecuting barrister said: “His parents arranged to have a solicitor's letter sent to the applicant warning him if he continued his behaviour they would inform police and obtain a non-molestation order.”

Donnelly was arrested nearly two weeks after the alleged incident and later claimed any messages were not intended to cause any fear.

His lawyer said: “He would instruct these threats were made in the heat of the minute and fully accepts it was wrong to say what he did.”

The court also heard the accused has been treated by a consultant psychiatrist at the Mater Hospital in the city.

His application for bail was adjourned until a proper medical report could be provided.

Mr Justice Hart pointed out that it had been required to ensure there was no risk to Donnelly's mother and father.

The judge said: “This man has made threats to his parents and they were driven to get a solicitor's letter threatening him with a non-molestation order.”

He added: “The court will not consider this until there is a proper psychiatric history indicating whether or not this man poses a threat.”

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