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Parents of stillborn baby finally get to visit his resting place 55 years after he died

A married couple, originally from Dunmurry in Lisburn, have finally found and visited their baby’s resting place in Milltown Cemetery 55 years after he passed away.

Jim and Kathleen Chambers, who now live in England, contacted a local archaeologist, Toni Maguire, after watching a television programme on the graveyard’s ‘Limbo Babies’ a number of years ago.

The expert helped them identify their son’s burial place.

The couple’s baby, who was stillborn on March 23, 1957, at Belfast City Hospital was ‘dumped’ at the site in Milltown, said Kathleen.

“My baby was called a ‘Pagan’ baby and I was said to be ‘polluted’. If it hadn’t been for the work of Toni, we would never have found our son again,” an emotional Kathleen told the Lisburn Star.

Kathleen was left so distraught 55 years ago that she departed from her church for seven years after the heartbreaking ordeal.

The couple praised archaeologist Toni Maguire for helping them track down the burial site and appealed to anyone with the same experience to contact her to trace their own baby’s burial place.

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