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Parents' relief as Matthew Boyle who was missing in Bangkok is found

By Donna Deeney

A Londonderry man who went missing for two weeks in Bangkok has turned up safe and well.

Yesterday morning, Maureen and John Boyle received the phone call they had been praying for when they lifted the receiver and heard the voice of their son Matthew Boyle (37).

Matthew last spoke with his mother and father on July 8 and when they failed to reach him in the days that followed, they became anxious because it was so out of character for their son.

Now two weeks of concern, during which time Mr and Mrs Boyle alerted the Irish Consulate and British Embassy as well as the PSNI who liaised with the Royal Thai Police through Interpol, has ended.

The circumstances of his disappearance are still unclear and its also not known how he was located, but his parents are just happy and grateful that their son has been found and they were able to talk to him.

His father John said: "We are just so relieved that he has been located and we have been able to speak with him again.

"It was the outcome we wanted and our prayers have been answered."

Matthew, a chartered accountant, moved to Bangkok in 2011 where he worked as a business analyst for the global company, Asia Biomass, before opening his own wine bar in partnership with a colleague last year.

A huge campaign to find Matthew was sparked across social media through many of Matthew's friends and relatives across Ireland, who also recognised that it was out of character for Matthew not to be in touch.

As the days passed and John and Maureen were still unable to contact their son, they were forced to decide whether their best course of action was to remain in Derry or fly to Bangkok.

Mrs Boyle said: "At the start we were torn about what was the best course of action for us to take, whether we would be better to go to Bangkok and look for Matthew, but then we didn't want to leave our home either in case we missed a call from Matthew.

"In the end we realised we were better to stay here until we had something concrete to go on."

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