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Parking restrictions in four Northern Ireland towns unenforceable as laws still to be signed off

By Jonathan Bell

Parking restrictions in certain areas of four Northern Ireland towns are unenforceable as laws allowing fines to be issued have not yet been signed off.

The Department for Infrastructure confirmed areas of Cookstown, Magherafelt, Dungannon and Comber do not have the necessary laws in place to allow parking wardens to dish out tickets.

Asked the exact locations, the department did not respond.

It comes after it was revealed earlier this week that in a parts of Cookstown parking bays for a new public realm scheme had been painted with signs advising of restrictions. However, until the necessary legal hurdles are overcome, anyone exceeding parking times in them cannot be served with a ticket.

Instead officials urged the public to follow the directions of the signs in the areas concerned for parking.

Asked if there were any other areas affected, the Department for Infrastructure, in a statement said a parking and waiting scheme, also in Cookstown, and in place since October 2017 did not have the necessary laws in place for parking enforcement to apply.

"A similar legislative process is also underway for parking changes that have been made following Public Realm Schemes in Magherafelt and Dungannon," the statement added.

"The Department is also currently considering an objection in respect of a scheme in Comber."

Asked if it could specify the locations in the towns, the department did not respond.

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