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Parking schemes are needed, says Peacock

Residential parking schemes could be the answer to parking problems in Holywood, Councillor Diana Peacock has said.

Mrs Peacock was responding to a number of residents who contacted The CT regarding parking difficulties in the Trevor Street area of the seaside town.

One resident, who did not wished to be named, said he regularly returns from work every weekday afternoon to find any parking spaces near his home occupied.

“I go to work on most days at 4am and return to my home at around 2.45pm but can’t get a parking space near my house,” he said.

“I know those who drive pay their road tax and may park where they wish, but I think they should give consideration to those who live in a street where residents would prefer to park their cars as near as possible to their houses, particularly for security reasons.

“It’s that frustrating not being able to park near my home that I would willingly pay the council or whoever to have a space outside my house, something similar to a disabled space.”

Mrs Peacock said she could “totally sympathise” with the residents of Trevor Street and that parking issues were a bone of contention and frustration on a “daily basis” in the North Down town.

“In light of such continuing ill-feeling from residents, whilst fully realising that parking is quite a challenge, I would immediately call on all those working or visiting in the Holywood area to please consider the impact that their parking might have on the surrounding environment and to act accordingly with consideration,” she said.

“By parking in an appropriate place we would all greatly enhance the lives of many residents living in close vicinity to the town.”

A spokeswoman for the Department for Regional Development’s Roads Service division said that, although they have no plans to consider providing residents parking schemes in Holywood at this time, it may be considered in the future.

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