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Parrot Kelo banned from Northern Ireland football World Cup games

By Staff Reporter

The owner of a parrot that sings in support of the Northern Ireland football team has said she is disappointed that he has been banned from the terraces.

Kelo the 'Green and White Army' chanting parrot had been gearing up for Northern Ireland's forthcoming World Cup qualifiers against Germany and Norway. The talented African grey is owned by Belfast bird-lover and lifelong NI fan and mum-of-three Linda Corry (42).

Kelo became an enthusiastic supporter during the Euros last year and is always shouting 'Northern Ireland' and singing the 'Bouncy Bouncy', Linda told the Belfast Telegraph last week.

After videos of Kelo went viral, fans quickly fell in love with him and were hoping to meet him at the World Cup qualifier against Germany tonight. But alas, it was not to be.

The BBC reported last night that IFA health and safety concerns means Kelo will not be on the wing at Windsor Park.

Although saddened, Linda - who will be watching the game in the stadium with son Keaton Hamilton (17) - was understanding.

"I did want him to come, but what can you do?" she said last night. "The fans were looking forward to seeing him, but sure. If it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be. Health and safety is very important."

Linda added that Kelo will be watching the game at home - and singing away as usual.

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