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Partner of Bangor murder victim Colin Horner lashes out at killers in angry Facebook post

By Aaron Tinney

The hooded assassin who shot a young father to death in front of his three-year-old son is "scum" without the spine to fight "like a man", the victim's angry and devastated partner has said.

Tasha Oscar added she could not wait to get the body of dad-of-three Colin Horner back from the morgue so she can "give him a kiss" and talk to him.

She also paid tribute to the tattooed 35-year-old loyalist figure as a loving father hours after he was assassinated at a Sainsbury's supermarket by a killer wielding a handgun and wearing what is believed to be a builder's dust mask or scarf to obscure his face.

Nineteen days earlier, Mr Horner was photographed cradling two children, one of whom is believed to be Oscar - the little boy who saw him die.

One of the last things Mr Horner did before he was gunned down was change his Facebook profile image to one of his beloved Chelsea football team after their FA Cup final defeat to Arsenal.

Mr Horner was struck by at least three bullets at the supermarket car park in the Balloo Retail Park area of Bangor, Co Down, as he apparently begged for his life.

He suffered bullet wounds to his legs and thighs and one fatal bullet wound to his groin. His son was uninjured.

It was initially reported he was shot while trying to shield his three-year-old son from harm.

But police yesterday revealed Mr Horner's son was in the back of his car when his killer opened fire in front of crowds of Bank Holiday shoppers at around 2.40pm on Sunday.

Hitting out at the killer of her partner and the error in early media reports of Mr Horner's death, Ms Oscar vented her anger on Facebook yesterday.

It read: "Just went and seen Colin. So horrible and wrong... hopefully get him back home with me tomorrow and can't wait to see him and give him a kiss… so much to say to him."

She also wrote that little Oscar was not in Colin's arms at the time of the murder.

"Colin was putting him into his seat as the scum came up to him, but still Oscar seen it all," she stated.

Ms Oscar went on to slam Mr Horner's killer as selfish.

"Colin never backed down, never! He looked the scumbag in the face, eye to eye, and I'm so proud of him for that," she wrote.

Directly addressing her partner's killer, she added: "Ya selfish little brat, ya shoulda grown a set and dropped the gun and fought like a f****** man. You're just a little boy, a nobody."

Her message came hours after she posted an initial message on Facebook to say Mr Horner's son Oscar had also been left with a lifetime of loving family memories to "treasure", as her partner was a father whose love for his family flowed "strong and deep".

Mr Horner is believed to have fled from his home in Carrickfergus to a house in Bangor less than two months before the attack amid a deadly paramilitary feud.

His move followed the March murder of friend Geordie Gilmore in their hometown of Carrickfergus, Co Antrim.

Gilmore (44), a leading figure in the south east Antrim UDA, was shot in the neck as he sat in his car in a similar execution-style attack, and Mr Horner was pictured at his funeral two weeks later.

Nineteen days before his murder, Mr Horner was photographed cradling two of his children, including his youngster Oscar, believed to have been the three year-old boy who saw him die.

Mr Horner's partner Tasha yesterday posted on Facebook a cartoon drawing of her and Mr Horner's family with the message: "The love in our family runs strong and deep. Leaving us with memories to treasure and keep."

The heads of the figures in the picture are made of yellow buttons and the children are seen waving, wearing a dress with a bow and walking a small dog.

Ms Oscar also appears to have changed her Facebook status in tribute to Mr Horner, as it displays hearts and the word 'FRAGILE' in capital letters with a kiss alongside the message.

Her Facebook page features a photograph of her hugging Mr Horner as he holds a bottle of beer.

A relative of Mr Horner's yesterday wrote beneath the image: "Great photo of u both. #happiertimes. xx."

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