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Party suggests People Park to celebrate NI's centenary

A proposal for a 'People Park' to mark the centenary of Northern Ireland need not cost the public purse a penny, the Ulster Unionist Party has claimed.

The attraction would celebrate the region's best sportsmen and women, inventors, engineers, artists, musicians and generals -"the thinkers and the doers", according to party leader Mike Nesbitt.

The eco-friendly scheme could be a new forest park or community centre, and young people could have the greatest say in deciding what it will be.

The location for the attraction could also be decided by public consultation, although the UUP suggested the Titanic Quarter as an ideal setting.

"We propose asking children in our primary schools what they want in their country as a celebration of the centenary," its manifesto says.

Mr Nesbitt added: "Before somebody asks, it is not a costed proposal.

"The costs will depend on the design and the level of private sponsors we can attract.

"It would be my view that it can be done at no cost to the public purse."

There could also be separate 100th anniversary projects organised for each of the province's six counties, according the party's manifesto.

"The territory that is Northern Ireland is no more than a postage stamp on the world map, yet we have consistently boxed well above our weight, producing world leaders in every nook and cranny of life," it reads.

The party also suggested several mechanisms through which people could measure the effectiveness of government.

Formal "wellbeing measurements" would include life satisfaction, satisfaction with family life, satisfaction with social life and satisfaction with the devolved administration.

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