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Passenger plane in emergency landing at Belfast City Airport

By Claire Williamson

A propeller plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Belfast City Airport yesterday after taking off for the Isle of Man.

There were five passengers and two crew members on board the flight, which had just taken off at 12.10pm.

The twin-engine Citywing Let L-410 aircraft returned to land on the main runway of the airport.

The passengers were able to exit the plane without incident and there were no injuries. Fire crews were on standby but were not needed as the aircraft landed without incident after turning back.

A Citywing spokesman said: "The flight experienced a potential technical issue, and, in line with safety procedures, the plane was returned to the airport quickly and safely.

The airline said the aircraft was examined by engineers before it was returned to service.

It added: "We apologise to those passengers affected for any inconvenience caused."

Yesterday evening Citywing confirmed that the plane passengers and crew had all been returned to the Isle of Man as planned.

In March this year a plane was diverted to Belfast International Airport after a mother went in to labour in mid-air.

Nicole Ghafari was on an Air France flight to Detroit from Paris.

The captain diverted to Belfast International and Nicole was rushed to Antrim Area Hospital by ambulance.

Nicole went into premature labour an hour into the flight. Within an hour of arriving in Northern Ireland, little Nicole Riona was born.

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