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Passengers onboard with Belfast bus route signs in Irish

By Amanda Poole

Bus services operating in west Belfast featuring both the English and Irish language on destination screens have been hailed a quiet success.

The signs have been in use on Metro bus services operating on the Falls Road - or Bothar na bhFal - since the spring.

There was a public consultation back in February when Translink asked people in west Belfast for their feedback on proposals to introduce the bilingual destination screens.

There are currently no Ulster-Scots or other alternative language destination screens, but Translink said that was something it would consider if there was demand.

A spokeswoman for the public transport provider said there was an overwhelmingly positive response from the public, and explained the costs involved were minimal.

The consultation entailed public notices, letters and direct engagement with key stakeholders, including community groups and Press releases.

"Bilingual destination screens using both English and Irish language were launched in spring 2011 following public consultation," a Translink spokeswoman said. "The entire Translink Metro fleet of approximately 250 buses is equipped to provide bilingual signage and currently Metro Services 10 A-F operating along the Falls Road are using this facility.

"Where there is demand, we will consider any future requests from our passengers for bilingual signage to be displayed on bus destination screens."

The introduction of the signs is in addition to bilingual passenger information on bus shelter timetables and route information that has been present for some time.

Current Translink bilingual publications include 'See Belfast by Metro' guide to the city's main landmarks and attractions and a 'Travelling with Translink: Guide to Using Public transport in Northern Ireland' including bus and railway route maps.

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