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Pat Finucane: Government’s reputation flags by failing to set standard

By Brian Rowan

This was the moment when the Finucanes said what they really thought.

It was when Geraldine Finucane chose cutting words to describe the Prime Minister, the Secretary of State and the Government.

There are documents and minutes that show that in a year-long engagement with NIO officials, the Finucanes and their legal team only discussed the terms for a public inquiry.

And yesterday more questions were asked about why David Cameron and his advisers thought Downing Street was the best place to deliver what this family believes was the bad news of Tuesday.

We know there is to be a review of the papers. But the flaw in that process is the papers that were never written, the information that will be missing from the jigsaw of evidence.

The Prime Minister accepts there was collusion in the Finucane murder. But does he really believe that those who were responsible for that collusion will have left a paper trail or written record that leads to them?

That is not how it works. There was a big moment of opportunity here. Had the Government given the Finucanes what they wanted, then there would have been no hiding place for those republicans, loyalists and others who have questions to answer in hundreds of other cases.

The Government would have set the standard.

But now others can argue that the British are hiding the truth.

And that means everybody is being let off a hook.

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