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Patients face long waits at Northern Ireland A&E

Patients were faced with a wait of more than six hours for treatment at the Royal Victoria Hospital on Monday night, it has been reported.

Hospitals across Northern Ireland were faced with a high number of patients, health officials said.

The BBC said around 100 people were waiting to be seen at the Ulster's emergency department at around 8pm on Monday.

There was also a strain on services at Antrim Area Hospital.

A Belfast Trust spokesman said hospitals across Northern Ireland had high numbers of patients and less urgent cases had to wait.

The trust said pressure had "eased significantly" on Tuesday morning.

A spokesman addes: "Yesterday our emergency departments, along with others throughout Northern Ireland saw higher numbers of people than usual attending.

"While those in urgent need of care where given priority, those whose condition was less urgent may have had to wait while more urgent cases where seen by medical staff.

"Thanks to the hard work of staff overnight this has now much improved this morning."

However, a spokeswoman for the Ulster Hospital said Monday is usually their busiest time and denied there anything more than the unusual pressures last night.

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