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Patients waiting in corridors, no beds, exhausted nurses, doctors on verge of tears: Woman's 13-hour wait in 'crisis' Northern Ireland A&E

The woman and her mother spent 13 hours in Craigavon Area Hospital A&E.
The woman and her mother spent 13 hours in Craigavon Area Hospital A&E.
Jonathan Bell

By Jonathan Bell

A young woman has vented her frustration after her mother was forced to spend 13-hours in pain in a "crisis" Northern Ireland A&E.

Coalisland woman Catherine Donnelly detailed her experience at Craigavon Area Hospital's emergency department on Sunday while her mother suffered in pain.

She found there were no beds, a full waiting room, lines of people waiting for treatment, patients lying on trolleys in corridors, exhausted nurses working without breaks and a doctor so apologetic she thought he was on the verge of tears as he explained the "crisis" his hospital was facing.

She hit out at those MLAs - on both sides - who "refuse to work together for people's futures," in a post thousands have commented on and shared across the social media network Facebook.

Catherine said she was not looking publicity, rather she just wanted to express her "heartfelt thoughts and feelings about the state of a rudderless northern Ireland" and the impact on everyone's lives.

She said she witnessed one pregnant nurse having her lunch on the go while taking notes and clearly exhausted trying to do her job and others who past her hundreds of times seemingly never having time for a break.

"The clinical surgeon who came to see my mum to tell her the place was in crisis and they had to wait until a bed was available ...he too was exhausted ...he lent his back against the wall flushed face and apologised so much I thought he would cry," she said.

"To the MLAs on both sides while you are busy sitting on your hands, while your all busy 'celebrating the past' while you're busy doing nothing with our taxes .... those on the front line are taking care of the people whose lives are being put at risk by stretched services.

"It is not our NHS's fault,  MLAs your childish spat for 'holding on to history' is the reason our services, health, education, services that need the wages you don't deserve, is on its knees."

She called for politicians to restore the Stormont institutions: "We just care about the future not the damn past or what you think people want, please, please do something.

"I'm merely looking for the MLAs to do the job they are paid for and help this northern Irish society to progress together and get the care and fair treatment they deserve.

"For far too long people from both sides and all walks of life are fed up with been treated as political pawns."

To our so called MLA'S who refuse to work together for their people's futures... yesterday I spent 13 hours in craigavon...

Posted by Catherine Donnelly on Monday, November 12, 2018

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