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Patrick Kielty: LA too 'hippy-dippy' for bringing up baby with Cat

By Claire McNeilly

Patrick Kielty has admitted that he and wife Cat Deeley may have to reconsider where they live when their child is born.

At present the Northern Ireland funnyman spends most of his time in California, where Cat is presenter of hit US TV show So You Think You Can Dance.

But the 44-year-old quipped that he wasn't sure he wanted to raise the couple's firstborn among the "hippy-dippy" people of the Golden State, and fears life might be "rubbish" after it's born.

"It's a worry. The missus is pregnant at the minute and that's a decision we're going to have to make," he said on talkSPORT.

"You have a lot of hippy-dippy people out there. Quite a lot of Americans who don't have any answers and don't know what they're doing head west, and then they get to the point where they reach the (Californian) beach and can't really run any further."

The Dundrum native added: "I thought to myself: 'I've got myself out of a small village in Northern Ireland and spent a bit of time on the beach in California'.

"My life was happy, and you're going to have a kid there and your life is going to be rubbish."

Kielty's rather tongue-in-cheek assessment of the Californian lifestyle clearly differs from that of Cat, who told Closer magazine this week: "We're going to ensure we take the baby back home to visit our families as much as possible but, for now, we're happy here in Los Angeles and are excited to bring up our child with an outdoors lifestyle.

"They're going to experience the LA sunshine Patrick and I never got to experience."

Kielty admitted on the Hawksbee And Jacobs Show that he's trying to get used to being "an absolute nobody" in the States, and playing second fiddle to his instantly-recognised wife.

"When you're big in America, you're someone like my wife, not me," he said. "I'm an absolute nobody out there. I sort of hide behind her.

"It's quite good, because you get invited to a lot of things... and I'm the 'plus one' in this relationship."

Kielty said that photographers in the States had a polite code for "who's this pasty white fellow beside you?" when he goes to a red carpet event such as last weekend's Emmys, when 38-year-old Cat was up for an award.

"They actually think I've won a competition to be with her for a night," he said.

"They do this weird thing where they say to her: 'Can we have a fashion shot, just you with the dress'. And that's code for 'get your man out of shot, quick'."

The couple broke the news that they were expecting their first child after three years of marriage on the social media site Twitter at the beginning of this month.

"Exciting news... Paddy and I are so happy to be expecting our first child in the Spring..... Lucky us," the bubbly presenter wrote.

Last month the comic revealed how he wooed her by jetting out to see her in Los Angeles for her birthday after years of not acting on their attraction.

"There had always been a spark between us, but either she was with someone or I was, and then she moved to LA, so opportunities for something to develop were limited," he said.

"Unless someone was stupid enough to get on a plane, nothing would have happened."

Kielty begins a new stand-up tour of the UK next month.

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