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Paul McCauley murder: Two new arrests

By Donna Deeney

Detectives investigating the murder of Paul McCauley have made two more arrests in Londonderry.

Police arrested a 46-year-old man in the Fountain area and a man aged 27 from the Waterside area of the city yesterday. The older man was released last night.

A property in the Waterside was also searched.

Detective Chief Inspector Michael Harvey said the 46-year-old had been released pending a report to the PPS.

Mr McCauley was beaten by a gang of up to 15 sectarian thugs at a barbecue in the Waterside nine years ago. He was left in a permanent vegetative state and only died last month in a nursing home at the age of 38.

The new arrests bring the total number of arrests since Mr McCauley died and the investigation was upgraded to a murder inquiry to six. So far one man - Piper John McClements, formerly known as Daryl Proctor - has been charged with his murder.

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