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Paul's accidental snooker trick shot becomes online hit

By Jonny Bell

A snooker-playing Northern Ireland man's wayward trick shot - which ended up looking more impressive than intended - has gone around the world after becoming an internet hit.

Annalong man Paul McCavery would often spend hours at the snooker table practising all manner of trick shots.

However, one shot, luckily filmed by his friend, has put the 26-year-old into the frame after thousands viewed the clip online.

Paul lined up seven reds intending to play the cue ball off a far cushion before striking it again to make it swerve around the pack to pot a pink ball in a nearby corner pocket.

After more than 30 attempts at getting the shot right, Paul eventually got lucky - although not as he imagined.

Instead of the shot coming off as planned, the cue ball launched into the air on the second strike before hitting a lamp over the table and returning to the table to pocket the colour.

Paul, who plays for St Mary's Snooker Club in Newcastle, said it was probably the best shot he had ever played.

He said: "My girlfriend was studying at the time so I had a few hours to myself - it's more of a hobby for me.

"I was trying to get enough back spin on it to get it around the pack but put too much on and it launched into the air. The club's manager Gerard Travers only lets me try shots like that - that could damage the baize - when the cloths are getting changed.

"It was just fortunate that it was getting filmed otherwise it would have never been seen outside the hall."

A snooker player for the past two-and-a-half years, Paul describes his snooker game as "not bad" but recently defeated the Northern Ireland Under-21 champion.

But it was after he put his trick shot online that he got his big break.

He called his clip "last orders" as it was getting close to closing time at the snooker club.

An estimated 50,000 people have so far watched the clip online. "My phone has been going crazy since then," Paul added.

"Lots of people have been tagging me in posts.

"In work they are taking the mick by calling me sir and asking me for my autograph.

"I even had a friend from Australia contact me to say he had watched it."

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