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Peadar Heffron wasamong a number of policemen targeted

Constable Stephen Carroll
Constable Stephen Carroll
Constable Ronan Kerr

By Rebecca Black

In 2010 Peadar Heffron would have been the second Catholic police officer to die had he not narrowly survived one in a series of murderous attacks on officers by dissident republican terrorists.

On March 9, 2009, Constable Steven Carroll (48) was shot dead after being lured to a call-out in Lismore Manor in Craigavon.

The veteran officer, with 24 years' service, became the first police officer to be killed since the formation of the PSNI in 2001. The incident sparked widespread shock and revulsion across the community. The Continuity IRA claimed the murder.

Less than a year later, terrorists struck again, planting a bomb under the car belonging to Constable Peadar Heffron, leaving him with life-changing injuries.

Some 16 months later, one of the youngest members of the PSNI was targeted. Constable Ronan Kerr (25), like Peadar Heffron had been involved with Gaelic games.

Tragically, like his older colleague, he was targeted with a booby-trap bomb. The device killed Constable Kerr when it exploded under his car outside his home in Omagh on April 2, 2011.

He had been in the PSNI for just a few months before his murder.

There have also been a number of very-near misses, including in November 2013 when a former police officer was the target of a viable under-car booby-trap bomb off the King's Road in east Belfast.

The man was about to take his 12-year-old daughter to school.

A police spokesman said it was only due to the vigilance of the former officer that no one was killed or seriously injured.

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