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Pensioners’ home attack condemned

Two women in their 80s were held up by masked men who ransacked their south Belfast home last week.

Shortly before 11.15pm on Thursday, August 12, the ladies were in their house at Edinburgh Street when two masked men armed with crowbars entered and demanded cash.

One of the men stayed with the women in a front room while the other ransacked the house. They made their escape with cash on foot in the direction of Northbrook Street and Tates Avenue.

The householders were not injured.

Alliance MLA Anna Lo condemned the incident, and urged anyone with information to contact the police “before they subject more vulnerable people to such a traumatic ordeal”.

Ms Lo said: “I am absolutely disgusted at these two men. I can not comprehend why they would believe that it was acceptable to threaten and rob two elderly women in their home.

“We come to think that we are safe in our own homes, but with incidents like it would make us think otherwise. It is shocking to believe that two individuals could carry out such a crime,” she said.

“This must have been an extremely traumatic experience for these women. I hope that they are able to get over their ordeal quickly.”

SDLP MLA Conall McDevitt said: “Attacks against elderly people in the community are among the most repugnant and disgusting, and this has sickened people living in the area.

“We all have elderly relatives and neighbours we care about, and this has brought a sense of |revulsion to many people this morning.

“I urge people to be extra vigilant around elderly neighbours and relatives. Unfortunately, it’s a sad reflection of our society when people see elderly citizens as easy targets. I also urge people to |always think of their security.”

Both men wore balaclavas, dark clothes, were of slim build, and around 5'7 - 5'9 in height. Anyone with information should contact detectives on 0845 600 8000, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 1111.

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