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Pensioners’ pavement peril

Roads Service has been challenged over the state of an uneven footpath outside pensioners’ bungalows on Ashfield Drive, Donaghadee.

North Down MLA Alex Easton said it was in an ‘appalling’ state.

“There are weeds growing between the flagstones which are uneven and pose a serious tripping hazard for pensioners living in neighboring properties,” he said.

“Part of the pavement provides the only access to and from a number of pensioners’ bungalows.

“The state that this pavement is in is just appalling having seen it myself,” he added.

Mr Easton says he has written to Roads Service calling on them to fix the pavement immediately.

He has also offered to raise any similar complaints brought to his attention with Roads Service.

“If anyone has a similar issue please contact me immediately and I will endeavor to get it sorted out for you,” the MLA said.

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