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People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll is on the prowl for lost kitten's owner

By Suzanne Breen

People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll is trying to find the owner of a lost kitten that has turned up at his party's west Belfast office.

The young black and white cat appeared outside the Falls Road premises yesterday morning, trying desperately to get in.

"The wee kitten showed up and started scratching at the front door.

"We took him in immediately," Gerry said.

"We're on a very busy road and we were worried that he would run out and get hit by a car or he would be chased by a dog.

"He's only a tiny wee thing and he could easily have got hurt. He has a black collar with a silver bell but there's no name on it."

As Gerry went on a hunt around the streets of west Belfast to find the kitten's owners, party activists in the office looked after it.

"The kitten got milk and food and he seemed to have a ball. He is very excited and playful.

"He has been jumping up on desks and chairs and running all over the place," the MLA said.

"I'm not really a cat person. I'm fonder of dogs, but this kitten is nice and friendly and I don't mind him at all."

The politician was told that the cat lived in Iveagh Parade but when party activists called to the address the family said that it wasn't theirs.

Gerry then took to Facebook, posting photographs of the animal in the hope that the owner could be traced.

But some party supporters told him to hold onto the kitten.

"Gerry, keep the cat. Downing Street has a cat, the Foreign Office has a cat. Put it on Instagram and (its) antics, and it's the best advertising and recruitment tool you will ever have," one advised.

Others suggested that the kitten should be named 'Chairman Meow' or 'Proletaricat' and become a party mascot.

The owner was still not found last night so a party member took it home. "Anybody who knows this wee kitten's owner should contact us," Gerry said.

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