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People injured by runaway trolley on Belfast jet

William Smyth from Belfast was given an ice pack for his leg following the incident
William Smyth from Belfast was given an ice pack for his leg following the incident

By Staff Reporter

A number of passengers have been injured on a flight to Belfast from Tenerife after a cabin crew trolley became loose and rolled to the back of the aircraft.

The BBC reported that the incident happened as a Jet2 flight was coming in to land at Belfast International Airport at around 1am on Sunday morning.

In a statement, Jet2 apologised to all passengers on the flight. It's not known how many people were injured following the incident.

The trolley struck passengers on the legs and arms as it flew past.

"LS382 from Tenerife to Belfast experienced an incident on landing this morning," a Jet2 spokesperson told the BBC.

"The aircraft taxied to its parking stand and all customers disembarked the aircraft as normal."

He added: "The safety and care of our customers is our priority and we apologise to those who were delayed in their journey home and we apologise sincerely to anyone who was inconvenienced."

William Smyth from Belfast hurt his leg during the incident and told the BBC that it was a "scary" experience.

"We didn't know what it was, so you end up thinking all sorts," he said.

"It hit my leg because I was sitting near the aisle.

"Everyone was frightened and people screamed."

All passengers had to stay on the flight until injuries were assessed by a medic who came on board, but they were released a short time later.

Ice packs were also handed out.

One passenger later told the BBC that it was through luck that there were no serious injuries.

"There were a lot of children including babies on that flight," John Kerr said.

"It's not the way you want your holiday to end."

A Co Down woman told the BBC: "I have a toddler and she just started screaming.

"She didn't know what the noise was, it was so loud.

"I hope to hear back from Jet2 really soon."

She added: "It was simply not acceptable."

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