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'People see the difference... I've turned my life around'

Ryan Morris (23) Young Achiever of the Year

Bullied in school for being small, Ryan Morris from Dunmurry was expelled for attacking another student and soon found his life consumed with drink, drugs and trouble with the police.

Realising he was making his mother ill, he resolved to get fit and joined the French Foreign Legion.

"I just bought a one-way ticket to Paris," he said. "But unfortunately I dislocated my knee and was sent home. I came back and it was like a big kick in the face, there was nothing to live for anymore."

Things changed when the Prince's Trust arranged a three-month outdoor activities course with the Colin Glen Trust, where he was taken on as an instructor.

"It's completely turned my life around, a whole new career path on the go," he said. "It's a real honour to be here tonight, people are noticing the difference in me."

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