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Personal Stories: 'Come and join us for a fun day outdoors'

Paul Moore on his passion for bushcraft and the great outdoors

By Staff Reporter

Co Antrim man Paul said: "I've always had a great affection for wild places, for nature. From an early age I remember building huts, camping out and fishing with my friends.

"I was always doing something that involved the outdoors. This attraction has followed me throughout my life. I never find myself far from forests, hills or the wild coastline.

"It wasn't until I saw Ray Mears on TV in the '80s that I was able to give a name to the collection of pastimes that I so enjoyed – bushcraft!

"I formed a group called the Northern Ireland Bushcraft Association.

"Little did I know how much interest this would attract and very soon we were teaching bushcraft skills to scout groups, charity groups and school groups.

"The natural progression came in 2011 when my friend Andrew Boe and I formed The Northern Ireland Survival School, the only school here solely dedicated to teaching bushcraft and wilderness living skills.

"It has been a long journey into bushcraft but I haven't forgot why it started, and it's still there – my love for wild places and the nature that inhabits them."

A Get Outdoors Weekend Survival Day runs at Carnfunnock Country Park in Larne on September 21 from 2pm-5pm.

Paul said: "Everyone is welcome. It will be a day of outdoor fun. I hope to see you all there."

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