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Personal Stories: Joan's joy at putting others in spotlight

By Staff Reporter

Downey Birch director Joan Grenville on her passion for organising events and the joy it brings.

Joan said: "A primary school chum recently found me on Facebook commenting, 'I knew you'd end up in PR and events. You used to put on shows in your garden, charge neighbours 10p entrance, and they came'.

"The joy of events comes from putting everyone else in the spotlight, be they schoolchildren, families, international athletes, community groups or politicians.

"I still get the greatest sense of achievement from the smile on a child's face when he meets rugby player Tommy Bowe or the thanks from a pensioner when he has a reserved spot at Dunluce Castle for a medieval festival.

"Joy from knowing an awareness programme we ran is breaking the stigma of mental health, or that we are celebrating achievement with the upcoming Disability Pride parade and concert in City Hall.

"Joy from the schools who benefit from healthy eating programmes or the interactive fun and creativity we put into all our family events such as electric power-generating bicycles.

"With my partner Andrew Cooper and a great team, I'm lucky to have run a diverse range of events. I've come a long way from the first show in my garden, but there is always room for more creativity, since you're only as good as your last show."

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