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Personal Stories: Join in the Mood Walk to help tackle depression

Teresa Sloan on efforts to de-stigmatise people with mental illness

Teresa Sloan is helping to de-stigmatise mental illness during Mental Health Awareness Week.

She works for leading depression charity Aware Defeat Depression.

It has been operating across Northern Ireland since 1996.

Teresa's role is to raise awareness of depression and encourage people to speak openly about it as they would do about a physical illness.

She is also encouraging the public to get behind Aware's upcoming fundraising event, the Mood Walk on Friday, June 12, in Belfast to help make a difference to the lives of people suffering with depression.

Teresa said: "One in four people in Northern Ireland suffer from a mental health issue every year, but many of us cannot or will not discuss it. Aware has a team of staff, volunteers and sessional trainers regionally that provide education programmes, support services and training programmes to over 20,000 people across the province who are in need of Aware's help.

"Although the office is not open 24 hours, Aware has created an online blog to give sufferers of depression the chance to share their experiences in the hope that it will help others. It has also adapted its social media strategy to send out positive and uplifting messages throughout the night.

"The programmes Aware deliver cover all ages, as depression can affect anyone at any time."

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