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Personal Stories: My work with choir has been so inspiring

Arts centre boss Keith Acheson also directs the Sing for Life choir

Keith Acheson
Keith Acheson

Keith Acheson is the director of the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast. He is also the director of the Sing For Life choir, set up nearly three years ago by the centre and Cancer Focus Northern Ireland.

Its 80 members, whose lives have been impacted by cancer, have so far raised £8,000 toward the £16,000 needed to fund a trip to Wales.

Keith said: "Sing For Life is one of 100 free community outreach projects run by the Crescent Arts Centre.

"We are hoping to bring the choir to Wales to perform with the choir Sing With Us, set up by Tenovus, the Cancer Focus equivalent in Wales.

"They inspired the setting up of our choir.

"We are trying to raise £16,000 online through crowd funding.

"We have done flash mobs, performances, and offer perks like mugs and badges if people donate to us and I can also go out to companies and help them set up staff choirs.

"We would love the public to raise money for us or make a donation.

"Everyone in the choir has been touched by cancer. They are going through treatment or have survived cancer.

"It is hugely inspiring to work with the choir. It's one of the best decisions I have made and has been a great chance for me to get back into conducting, too. I get as much out of it as the choir members do."


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