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Peter Corry back on song as mic is found

Just a day after being parted from his prized microphone, Northern Ireland singer Peter Corry has been reunited with his lost property.

The star of The Music Box had been performing at Belfast City Hall on Saturday night for an exclusive gala dinner celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Mary Peters Trust.

Shortly after getting a taxi home from the event, he realised he had misplaced his silver Neumann microphone - the only type the singer and producer has used for the past 10 years.

"It turned up, thank goodness," Peter said.

"The staff at City Hall had another search.

"They read in the paper that it was missing and they went and had another look.

"I think that it must have fallen behind the stage when they were packing things up." At a cost of nearly £1,000, Corry said that he had been kicking himself for losing the equipment.

"I think it's just one of those things where you're more annoyed with yourself than anything," he said.

With the microphone safely back with its owner, the star said that he would soon be able to put it to good use in rehearsals for his concerts at the Waterfront Hall this month.

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