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Peter Robinson attends Irish Open just a day after leaving hospital

By Gary Grattan

First Minister Peter Robinson his appeared in public for the first time since his heart attack – and said an unhealthy lifestyle was to entirely blame for his medical drama.

Speaking on a visit to the Irish Open at Royal County Down golf course in Newcastle, he said: “I was very fortunate, like many men I don't queue up outside the doctor's too often.

“It's a warning. I don't actually put the heart attack down to pressure, stress and strain. I blame myself and nobody else but myself.

“The last emails I was sending was about four minutes to four in the morning and I was being picked up at 7:30am that morning even though it was a bank holiday.

“If you looked at my diet then you would cringe: it's all around snacking, fast foods and all the things you shouldn't do, and lack of exercise … it's all the worst lifestyle things and so I blame myself entirely.”

The First Minister added: “I was given three stents and medication. I'm up and about and under instructions to do nothing for a couple of weeks. I'll take it easy, ministerial colleagues will take care of the work around the department.

He said, however, he would be meet the Secretary of State Teresa Villiers on Tuesday at conference convened to try to break the Stormont crisis caused by welfare reform.

Mr Robinson warned the DUP will not renegotiate the agreement, and will instead seek to implement the agreement previously reached.

He said if local parties can't agree on a way forward “Her Majesty's government is going to have to step in and deal with it themselves”.

Peter Robinson discharged from hospital  

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