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Peter Robinson: Impasse on legacy not the DUP's fault

By Noel McAdam

Victims of the Troubles could be given access to documents drawn up during the recent Stormont talks, DUP leader Peter Robinson has suggested.

His comments came after victims and survivors criticised politicians after last week's 'Fresh Start' deal put proposals on so-called 'legacy' issues on hold. The Victims Forum warned it had "lost all trust and confidence in local politicians" as a result.

But the First Minister told the BBC's Inside Politics: "There were two essential documents in relation to legacy issues."

He said the DUP had approved both, "so the problem is not with the Democratic Unionist Party".

"So, if apologies are being sought, then they should go and seek those who have difficulties in giving approval to those documents," he added.

The Stormont House Agreement last December contained a series of detailed plans including new bodies to act as agents of information retrieval.

But a row between Sinn Fein and London over disclosure mechanisms and national security meant proposals were not included in the latest deal.

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