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Petition calls for NI to have honorary EU membership

By Michael McHugh

More than 200 supporters have signed a petition calling for Northern Ireland to be given "honorary" European Union membership while remaining part of the UK.

Former European Commission head in Belfast, Jane Morrice, has said the country could become a European place of global peace-building.

Her petition called on Prime Minister Theresa May, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to grant the special status. It has received 244 signatures of support.

Honorary EU association would retain the status of Northern Ireland as part of the EU, part of the UK and part of the British/Irish and North/South Council in keeping with the Good Friday Belfast Agreement, the petition said.

It would respect the will of the people of Northern Ireland who voted by a majority to stay in the EU, keep the Irish border open and recognise the right of those who wish to retain EU citizenship as British and/or Irish citizens, it added. Ms Morrice is a former Women's Coalition MLA.

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