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Petition launched to 'relax' Northern Ireland's pub and clubs licensing laws

Over 1,600 people have signed a petition calling on the Northern Ireland Assembly to "relax" the licensing laws for clubs and bars.

Under the current laws bars and nightclubs are required to close by 1am or 2am.

The petition launched two days ago and has received more than 1,600 signatures.

The licencing laws are also stricter at Easter and Christmas.

It was started by Matt Hughes.

He said: "We are not asking for 24 licencing hours. All we are asking for is a relaxation of the current licencing laws by at least one or two hours, which is still fairly limited when compared to other European countries, but will certainly be extremely effective.

"By allowing an hour or two more, the venues could enjoy a more gradual disembarkment of people and this would help alleviate all these problems."

He also outlined a "number of adverse affects of the current law".

You can view the petition here

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