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Petition to keep migrants out of Londonderry attracts 800 signatures

Campaign: Louise Logan
Campaign: Louise Logan

By Cate McCurry

An online campaign calling on people to stop refugees fleeing war-torn Syria from entering Londonderry has attracted more than 800 supporters.

Louise Logan from Newbuildings set up the petition on, which she claims is to protect "our people, elderly and children".

The petition, entitled 'Stop Eamon [sic] McCann from bring migrant's [sic] into our town', was set up two days after 129 people were killed in attacks in Paris.

Ms Logan claimed there were rumours that migrants "coming into our town" were not legitimate refugees. She wrote: "The women and children maybe [sic] genuine but for the men I'm more than certain there (sic) just trying to do what they've done in Paris."

She declined to give a comment to the Belfast Telegraph, but said she had suffered online abuse in response to the petition.

Human rights campaigner Eamonn McCann said it was "absolutely ridiculous" that people believed he was in any position to bring migrants to Derry.

He added: "It's nonsense that a community of migrants coming from the Middle East or north Africa would be a danger to Derry. All the evidence is that in Northern Ireland migrants are more likely to be at risk from hostility."

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